Best Yoga Blogs

Name Bad Yogi

Short Description It is time to shun the regular beliefs and read through something new-age and chic. Based in Florida, Bad Yogi Blog is one of the best Yoga blogs 2020 owing to its uniqueness and its overall vibe that is far away from being cliché. You have the best of Yoga tips, lifestyle guidance, and a separate magazine for dedicated readers. The edition is managed by a team of quirky young professionals who put in heart & soul into bringing the newness in the art and the information. Apart from this, you can shop ‘Bad Yogi’ merchandise from the website and even purchase courses on cleansing, and yoga programs directly from the website.  Learn More>>

Yoga With Adriene

Short Description A popular name online and a YouTube channel with a wide subscriber base, Yoga With Adriene Blog is followed by a huge number of readers worldwide. You can shop merchandise, attend Yoga events, follow a calendar that keeps you updated of all the upcoming Yoga programs and much more. Another exciting aspect to this brand is that you have a chance of connecting with like-minded Yogis online by becoming a member of the Kula called ‘Find What Feels Good’. So, if you have any questions regarding health, dietary changes, Yoga for special ailments or simply looking for some educational Yoga videos, visit Yoga with Adriene. Learn More>>

Name Sassy Yoga

Short Description Sassy Yogi is a blog run by Angeline. She is a marketer, yoga teacher and fitness influencer passionate about yoga and wellness. She writes about yoga basics, yoga hacks, and she also uses this space to share with the world her weekly intentions to have a more plentiful life. Angie recently opened her own yoga studio in Singapore, so if you happen to be around you can go take one of her great yoga classes in person!Learn More>>


Name The Journey Junkie

Short Description The Journey Junkie is a blog where Allie writes about travel, life and lots of yoga. She has come a long way since we featured her on our 50 favorite yoga blogs last year. The structure of the website has dramatically improved, she now has many instructional yoga videos like the “30 Poses in 30 Days” series; several Vinyasa Flow classes; and for 2017 she has prepared the “Yoga Body Bootcamp” challenge.Learn More>>

Yoga Girl

Short Description From healthy recipes to down-to-Earth talks, Yoga Girl’s got it all. For even more yoga inspo, there’s also a thriving online community, plus a podcast (hosted by Rachel Brathen, the Yoga Girl herself), PLUS retreats and teacher training! No matter what level you’re at, there’s certainly something for everyone in this space.Learn More>>

Finess Yoga

Short Description Finess Yoga is a blog that started in India, which covers a wide variety of topics. The blog has categories for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Inside the blog, you can find a variety of content on topics such a yogi Asana, poses for pregnant women, pose for amateurs, and much more. The blog also includes a section where you can shop for accessories at affordable prices. And if you’re into celebrity culture, this blog shares the yoga routine of some of the most popular celebrities in India.Learn More>>

The Yoga Lunchbox

Short Description What began as the story of one yogi’s personal journey has transformed into a great all-round yoga blog. Featuring classic texts and stories from around the yoga world, The Yoga Lunchbox is a wonderful resource that has a strong community feel.

Silvia Mordini

Short Description Silvia Mordini has a slick, clean, very aesthetic website to house her lovely blog. This yogi and teacher trainer eloquently claims “Yoga is like writing. Writing is Like Yoga. Yoga and writing are two expressions of the creative source within us.”Learn More>>

Do You Yoga ?

Short Description Not to pat ourselves on the back, but DO YOU Yoga boasts a plethora of resources when it comes to all things yoga, including FREE online yoga classes and regular challenges to put your practice into high gear. The super helpful blog is nothing to sniff at, either.Learn More>>

Rachel Yoga


Short Description A community for Yoga Instructors and Studios. The site has an awesome blog that you might find useful especially if you are a Yoga Instructor:Learn More>>

Ishta Yoga

Short Description The Ishta Yoga blog has a handy dandy teacher spotlight guide so that you can find the teacher that wholly aligns with you; body, mind, and spirit. The same questions are asked of the teachers, which makes for some lively reading (ie., “When did you take your first yoga class?”, “What’s your favorite yoga pose?” etc.). The teachers also get a chance to talk about what their respective classes offer.Learn More>>

Tara Stiles

Short Description Tara Stiles owns is a wonderful yoga blog. With an impressive experience of nearly 25 years in yoga, Tara Stiles combines tai chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and qigong to give you the best yoga practices. With a background in classical ballet, her yoga sessions as she famously states, “move like water and are fueled by your breath”Learn More>>

True Ayurveda

Short Description Julie Bernier, an Ayurvedic practitioner from Los Angeles believes with all her heart that humans are created to follow a specific way of life. She blogs at True Ayurveda, about health-boosting yoga sequences, the fundamental rules of Ayurveda, and how to stay in sync with the peaceful rhythms of nature around us.Learn More>>


Shine Power Yoga

Short Description A self-explanatory name, Shine Power Yoga is a blog with a strong aim to make people shine, first with their sweat and then the beautiful glow that only comes after some yoga stretching. A competent team of trainers who not only do yoga themselves but also teach others to follow this ambition.Learn More>>

Daily Cup of Yoga


Short Description Daily Cup of Yoga is just as easy to take in as its name. It really is a small dose of yoga every day. Tune in to this blog every morning and find your daily inspiration to do yoga. With beautiful words of wisdom and very simple, easily digestible yoga sequences, this blog really is everyone’s cup of tea!Learn More>>


Short Description Life, yoga, food and travel. Pretty pictures. Cool writing. Positive vibes. We like it! Ju is from Austria and writes her blog both in German and English. It has cool info, but mostly it feels very friendly and personal, which we can only love! Learn More>>

Yogi Time

Short Description “Jean, the inspirational guy behind this yoga blog wants to preach what he practices. Sharing his profound yoga experiences and the entire journey that took him to become a mentor, Yogi Times, is a fantastic blog for some quick inspiration.

Yogi Times describes Jean’s efforts in helping others break through the cycle of stress and channel their inner energy. A certified trainer of yoga and meditation, Jean has done it all.”Learn More>>

Curvy Yoga

Short Description Curvy Yoga trailblazer, Anne Guest-Jelley, has evolved her blog into podcast form this year, meaning you can now listen to her insights on yoga and life on the go! Better yet, try listening while you practice yoga for some extra oomph.Learn More>>

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