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“As the name suggests, this is an online badminton magazine which delivers the latest news from the world of badminton. And to go with the latest news, there are features from their in-house and guest writers worth having a read.In fact in this list of badminton blogs and websites, this is one of those rare gems which deals with news and features from the courts of badminton, unlike a many other blogs which dish out product reviews and technical, mental and strategic aspects of the game alone.”Learning More>>

Badminton England

Our resources for News other realted topics. For more information please feel free to get in touch. | Learning More>>


A home for badminton fansLearning More>>


Shuttle Smash

A blog to discuss all things badminton, including strategies, tactics and other hints and tips to improve your game!Learning More>>



Flest nyheder om badminton. seneste nyt om badminton fra ligaen til SuperSeries.Learning More>>


The process was smooth since the website was easy to use and … In this way, I got to know not just the players’ rankings and what medals.Learning More>>

Badminton Professor

BadmintonProfessor is a site dedicated to everything relating to badminton. From how-to guides and in-depth knowledge on different badminton topics to the latest gears review. Congrats! You have just discovered the ultimate resource site for badminton players.Learning More>>

BWF Fansite

The BWF is the governing body for the sport of badminton. BWF mission is to deliver quality service, world class events, and innovative development initiatives which showcase the sport at the highest levels and increase the active participations in badminton at all levels worldwide.Learning More>>

“This is an old blog which also has a forum associated with it. While the last article was posted on this site in 2015 by the looks of things, you can still find a wealth of information around badminton on the website.It might not be the most comfortable website to read through it, but there are two advantages. The information on the site, whether racket reviews, or comparisons between equipment brands, or even how-to-guides, is solid and stood the test of time.”Learning More>>

One look at the image below and you would get a fair idea about the amount of badminton information on this blog. Basically this is the be-all of badminton websites, with the rules, basics of how to play, shot-making, techniques and advanced skills described in detail.Learning More>>

Badminton Advisor

Choosing the best badminton racket for intermediate players differs from choosing …Learning More>>


Overview Badminton game is all about fun. When it comes to buying and choosing a badminton racket, the process should be stress-free. CLICK HERE to get straight to The Complete And Easiest Guide In Choosing…Learning More>>

You can find a collection of well written badminton articles here. Depending on where you come from and what level you are now at in this sport, some articles will interest you more while some might not interest you as much.Learning More>>

Badminton Warehouse News

Badminton Warehouse is your one-stop-shop for the lowest priced badminton rackets, pickleball paddles, shuttlecocks, badminton bags, badminton shoes, and accessories. Check out news, badminton reviews, and other interesting articles about Badminton by the experts at Badminton Warehouse!Learning More>>

Badminton Becky

In the world of blogging, badminton blogs are few and far between. Many are just review blogs (for rackets mostly) or have been defunct for year. I guess following stereotypes, jocks tend to not be writers? Or maybe there isn’t much chance to make a profit so people don’t try?Learning More>>

Badminton Blog

“Hi everybody
My name is Anna, welcome to my blog!
My blog’s main theme is badminton
If you want to share your experiences and comments about my blog, contact me now!
I am always ready to listen
Have a nice day
Learning More>>


Hi fellow Badminton fan, I’m Liam. I’m the creator and face of the brand BadmintonsBest! Welcome and thank you for visiting.Learning More>>

Badminton Coach

As an International Advanced badminton Coach, Paul Stewart started this badminton blog to help players be their best on the court. His obvious addiction for the sport comes out in all of his blog posts as he helps readers develop their badminton skills.Learning More>>


Badminton Player, Coach, or Academy can exchange the knowledge and sources mutually.Learning More>>

Badminton Beyond

Get to read the most informative blogs related to Badminton our website. We continuously strive to gather the most valuable content for you

Learning More>>

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