Best Clothing Brands in World


World’s most expensive brand is Louis Vuitton.The brand value of this company has reached about $28.1 Billion.The revenue collection of this brand is about $10.1 billion.Louis Vuitton is very well known for its use of leather, excellent tailoring of trench coats, ready to wear dresses, shoes, accessories, watches, sunglasses, jewellery, books and many other accessories, and deservingly have taken the 1st position in the list.This is the list of top ten most famous clothing brands of 2017 in the world.The world of clothing was just a means to protect oneself, and now it has turned out to be a fashion business where there are new inventions every day. There is a lot of competition between brands to maintain their position and also pressure to follow the trend.



The brand value of this company is about $12.4 billion.The revenue of this company is about $4.5 billion. The company aims at providing quality clothing.Gucci is known to produce clothes which are worth wearing for a red carpet event.The Gucci company was started in the year 1921.The founder of this company is Guccio Gucci.Gucci is one of the most expensive brands, and also they are known to produce rich and luxury clothing, thus they are in the 2nd position.”


This company has s brand value of about $10.6 billion.The revenue of this company is about $5.3 billion.Hermes brand was established in the year 1837 by Thierry Hermes.Throughout the journey of all these 176 years, the company had been very successful.Hermes is famous for its Kelly bag and also silk scarves.They are experts in the production of belts, men’s and women’s sportswear riding gloves etc.


This company has a brand value of about $7.3 billion.The revenue of this company is about $3.7 Billion.Prada was established by an Italian leather manufacturer named Mario Prada in 1913.The Prada brand is one of the most expensive brands and every girl would love to have this one.The brand offers clothes with amazing design, style, and colour and makes every girl feel special. Thus this is in the top 4th position.


The brand value of this company is about $6.8 billion.The revenue collection by this company is $5.4 billion.Coco Chanel founded this company. The brand is very well known for women’s clothing.The company strives to make sure that women are comfortable in their clothes and they should feel proud.Timeless little black dress was introduced by the Chanel brand.Chanel is one of the most expensive brands in the world. Thus this company is in the 5th position in the top ten list.


This company has a total brand value of about $6.6 billion.The revenue obtained by this company is about $7.1 billion.Ralph Lauren entirely focuses on luxury and strives to provide all sort of dress materials for you to live your desired life. The Ralph Lauren clothes are worn by many famous personalities in the world.Polo is also one of the renowned brands under Ralph Lauren. Thus this company stands in 6th position.


This company has a total brand value of about $5.87 billion.The company gets revenue of about $4 billion.Burberry is a British company.Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic figures associated with the Burberry brand.This company is famous for its innovations.


Everlane benefits from being an ethical clothing brand, along with a high-quality and affordable one. Now, the prices are not the cheapest out there, but you know that you are getting clothing which is going to last and which is ethically made.They sell men’s and women’s clothing, and their clothes are stylish and practical. They have everything from classic t-shirts to evening dresses. Whether you want something casual or you want to dress up for an event, Everlane has something for you.

Amour Vert

High-quality clothing does not need to come at the expense of everything else. Amour Vert is another brand that cares for the environment as they create exciting and thoughtful pieces. Every time that you purchase an item of clothing from Amour Vert, they will plant a tree in North America. That sentiment has planted over 220,000 trees to date.And, those trees are going to continue to be planted for the clothes are some of the best out there. The clothes have the look and feel of high-end pieces while discarding the high price tag that usually follows. Everyone can buy from this collection.Along with planting trees, they produce their clothing in limited runs, sticking to high-production standards, and focusing on waste elimination. This cuts their carbon footprint without sacrificing quality

L.L. Bean

If you want clothing that lasts, pay a visit to L.L. Bean. They began back in 1912, with a focus on quality back then, they have carried that through to the present day. All of their pieces are classics, last for ages, are functional, and are ready for adventure.If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, then this is the clothing brand for you. The clothing is rugged and durable, and L.L. Bean has a focus on swimsuits, hoes, and other outdoor and fitness gear. With a beautiful aesthetic, you can look good and work hard.


Want to put an end to generational poverty? Well, buying from Able may not solve that problem, but it is a good start. The brand has a focus on bringing economic opportunity to everyone, specifically women, and wants a world where people are actually able to provide for themselves.Able create their amazing range by paying a fair wage to women from all around the world. The ethical brand employs and empowers women, as a solution for ending poverty, all while focusing on quality and style.With investments in training, education, and empowerment, they aim to break the cycle of poverty while creating clothing that you will be excited to wear



Cuyana is all about being better. Theybelieve that, when you look at your wardrobe, less should be more. Their clothing is durable and stylish, allowing you to have fewer pieces that last longer.The beautiful pieces in this collection are made with care, with ethically-sourced materials, safe working conditions for employees, and smart integrated features in the garments, this is a company that makes amazing clothes while caring for the people and environment.



Though Spanx is not often seen, being worn under the clothing, it is still worth investing in. Spanx is all about body shaping to create confidence and enhance the look of your other clothes.They are an affordable company, mainly based on their durability. Clothing worn against the skin takes a lot of wear, and these items are close to indestructible. Even the tights last longer than most other brands.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a company which specializes in activewear. They want to get people outside and doing something active. They are also a company which specializes in recycled materials and ethical production. They have the drive to find sustainable fabrics which can hold up to the most vigorous exercise.With active clothing for men and women and fabrics like recycled polyester and sustainably-produced Merino wool, there really is something for everyone. The products are durable, affordable, stylish, and will help you to exercise. You really do not have an excuse anymore.Quality clothing is out there, and you no longer have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Take the time to know what you want, shop around, and find the perfect new wardrobe.


The total brand value of this company is about $5.5 billion.Versace’s current revenue is about $1 billion. This is an Italian company.Versace was established in 1978.Gianni Versace established this company.House of Versace is one of the most profitable lifestyle brands in the world.Versace is known for their intrigued embellishments, vivid print, cocktail and iconic gowns are amazing. Versace introduced many types of clothing. Thus they are in the 8th position.


The total brand value of this company is about $3.5 billion.Paola Fendi was the founder of this company.The Company was launched in the year 1925.Fendi expertise is in the production of world-class dressing and also bags and other accessories.The handbag series was introduced in 1997 which is called as Baguette.This company also owns its atelier.


The Brand Value of this famous company is about $3.1 billion.Armani provides impeccable tailoring, glamour and amazing dressing.Hollywood stars are most loyal costumers of this brand.Armani brand has expertise in the making suits. Their clothing will be of luxurious fabric condition.Armani, Emporio, Exchange is the most expensive clothing under this brand. They even produce perfumes, leather bags and belts, glasses, shoes and other materials. Thus they stand in the tenth position in the list.


Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in 1975, and is known for its fashionable, stylish and classy range of apparels and accessories. Zara provides its apparels, shoes and accessories across 90+ countries and owns more than 2,000+ stores worldwide, making it one of the top clothing brands. One prominent aspect of Zara is that it produces a new product within six days, on the contrary other retailers take at least six months. And if that design is not generating sales, it is removed from the retail shops and further orders are also cancelled. Zara has also collaborated with Detox Campaign to remove hazardous chemicals from its clothing during the manufacturing process. Also Zara does not invest in any kind of advertising. It has the most efficient supply chain. These are some of the unique manufacturing and distribution practices of ZARA that sets it apart from its competitors. Zara offers a variety of fashionable apparel, shoes and accessories for women, men and kids. Zara designs its apparel based on the trending consumer preferences. Zara unveiled new range of sustainable fashion collections like Join Life collections and introduced in-store used-garment recycling containers. Zara has started its online services in many new markets across Europe. It has presence in 39 online markets currently.


H&M(Hennes & Mauritz AB) is a Swedish based international company headquartered at Stockholm that offers its apparel and accessories to a worldwide market.Established in 1947 by Erling Persson, H&M is the largest retailer that provides fast-fashion clothing and accessories for men, women, children as well as teenagers. H&M has collaborated with famous designers and celebrities to promote its apparel. H&M also takes design collections from renowned designers that have helped H&M to provide trend-setting and new range of clothing collection and accessories to its customers. H&M has also been able to create a significant presence in the online market. H&M has eight brands such as COS, Weekday, Monki and Cheap Monday etc. Afound will give customers exclusive range of famous fashion and lifestyle brands for both men and women at discounted price. H&M launched online services for eight new markets including Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Cyprus etc. The H&M has online presence in 40. The company has more than 4500 retail stores worldwide and the company has more than 150,000 employees.


GAP is US based multinational company which was founded by Donald Fisher in 1969.Headquartered at San Francisco, California, this brand is the largest retailer of clothing and accessories in the world. At the initial phase of the company, GAP targeted mainly teenagers through its Levi’s brand but later it incorporated clothing for each generation at all stages of life. GAP has several brands such as Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix brands, that offers a wide range of apparel, accessories, and personal care products for men, women, and children. GAP offers apparel and accessories for kids under the GapKids, babyGap and for pregnant women under GapMaternity, GapBody. GAP designs and sells clothes for specific occasion like weddings through its brand Weddington Way. GAP acquired Athleta in 2008, which provides sports apparel for women. GAP owns 3200 stores and 459 franchise stores across the globe. GAP designs apparels according to the varied needs of different demographics of customers. It has also set different price tags for its apparel across different countries. Customers can purchase GAP apparel and accessories through its stores or globally through its website online. The company has a total of 100,000 employees.

Best Brands for Sports Accessories


The number 1 top sports equipment company is Nike, Inc. Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc was founded as an American multinational corporation in 1964.University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman established this company and later changed its name to Nike in 1971.Initially, the company served as a distributor for the Japanese shoe brand Onitsuka Tiger. Unfortunately, this relationship with the brand ended in 1971. However, by 1980, Nike had attained a 50% market share in U.S. athletic shoe market.
Founded: January 25, 1964
Based In:Oregon, United States


On our number 2 is a German multinational firm, Adidas. The company was founded in 1924 and designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories.Adolf “Adi” Dassler founded the company. After returning from World War I, he made sports shoes in his mother’s laundry room. Later in 1924, his brother Rudolf joined his business with “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.The Dassler helped in developing sharp running shoes for numerous athletic events. They traded heavy metal spikes for canvas and rubber to improve the quality.
Founded in 1924
Based in: Germany

Wilson Sporting Goods


Sporting Goods & Sporting Equipment offered:
American Football: Footballs, Bags
Baseball: Baseballs, Baseball gloves, Protective gear
Basketball: Basketballs, Basketball nets, Bags
Fastpitch: Softballs, Fastpitch gloves, Protective gear
Football/Soccer: Footballs/Soccerballs, Shin guards, Bags
Golf: Golf balls, Golf clubs/irons, Golf gloves, Bags
Pickleball: Pickleballs, Paddles, Bags
Racquet sports: Racquet balls, Badminton racquets, Squash racquets, Shuttlecocks
Tennis: Tennis balls, Tennis rackets, Tennis strings, Tennis stringing machines, Racket grips, Bags”
Founded in: 1913
Based in: Chicago, Illinois, USA


Rossignol Offer-Cycling: Mountain bikes
Skiing: Skis, Ski bindings, Ski boots, Ski helmets, Ski poles, Ski bags, Neck warmers, Skins, Goggles, Gloves
Snowboarding: Snowboards, Splitboards, Snowboard bindings, Snowboard boots, Snowboard helmets, Goggles, Gloves”
Founded in: 1907
Based in: Saint-Jean-de-Moirans, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France


Head Offer-Pickleball: Pickleballs, Paddles, Bags
Racquet sports: Racquet balls, Raquetball racquets, Squash racquets, Racquetball eyewear, Gloves
Skiing: Skis, Ski bindings, Ski boots, Ski helmets, Ski poles, Ski bags, Neck warmers, Skins, Goggles, Gloves
Snowboarding: Snowboards, Splitboards, Snowboard bindings, Snowboard boots, Snowboard helmets, Goggles, Gloves
Tennis: Tennis balls, Tennis rackets, Tennis strings, Racket grips, Bags”
Founded in: 1950
Based in: Kennelbach, Vorarlberg, Austria


Salomon Offer-Skiing: Skis, Ski bindings, Ski boots, Ski helmets, Ski poles, Ski bags
Snowboarding: Snowboards, Splitboards, Snowboard bindings, Snowboard boots, Snowboard helmets”
Founded in: 1947
Based in: Epagny Metz-Tessy, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France



Blizzard Offer-Skiing: Skis, Ski boots, Ski bags
Founded in: 1960
Based in: Giavera del Montello, Veneto, Italy

Fischer Sports


Sporting Goods & Sporting Equipment offered:
Ice hockey: Player sticks, Goalie sticks, Ice hockey skates, Pucks, Visors, Gloves, Bags
Skiing: Skiing: Skis, Ski bindings, Ski boots, Ski helmets, Ski poles, Ski bags”
Founded in: 1924
Based in: Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria, Austria


Sporting Goods & Sporting Equipment offered:
Skiing: Skis, Ski bindings, Ski boots, Ski helmets, Ski poles, Ski bags, Neck warmers, Skins, Goggles, Gloves”
Founded in: 1955
Based in: Altenmarkt im Pongau, State of Salzburg, Austria


Sporting Goods & Sporting Equipment offered:
Pickleball: Paddles, Overgrips, Bags
Racquet sports: Padelballs, Badminton racquets, Overgrips, Bags
Tennis: Tennis balls, Tennis rackets, Tennis strings, Racket grips, Overgrips, Bags
Founded in: 1875
Based in: Lyon, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France


Sporting Goods & Sporting Equipment offered:Football/Soccer: Footballs/Soccerballs, Goalkeeper gloves, Shin guards, Bags
Founded in: 1948
Based in: Balingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Franklin Sports


Sporting Goods & Sporting Equipment offered:
American Football: Footballs, Football gloves
Baseball: Baseballs, Baseball gloves, Protective gear, Base sets, Bags
Basketball: Basketballs, Hoops
Football/Soccer: Footballs/Soccerballs, Goals, Shin guards, Bags
Golf: Golf balls, Golf gloves, Putting green mats
Ice hockey: Pucks, Hockey goals, Hockey sticks, Protective gear
Lacrosse: Lacrosse balls, Lacrosse goals, Lacrosse sticks, Shooting targets
Softball: Softballs, Softball gloves
Volleyball: Volleyballs, Beach volleyballs”
Founded in: 1946
Based in: Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA


We will kick start our list of top sports equipment companies with the company named Brine. W.H. Bine established the company in 1922 as the W.H. Brine Company.The company is based in Milford, Massachusetts, USA. Initially, the Brine family privately owned the company. However, on August 4, 2006, New Balance acquired this company.When the company first started, it produced small sports equipment and uniform. Then, they quickly grew to manufacture lacrosse and soccer equipment. Moreover, Brine became the first to cover the soccer ball with synthetic leather.
Founded in: 1922
Based in:  USA

Bauer Hockey

The Bauer family established The Bauer Hockey company in 1927 in Kitchener, Ontario, USA.Moreover, Bauer manufactures ice hockey equipment, fitness, recreational skates, and apparel. The company’s top line was initially marketed and traded under “Bauer Supreme.”Then in 1994, Bauer started producing the perforated TUUK chassis. The piece of equipment connects the steel blade to the actual boot of the skate.
Founded in: 1927
Based in:New Hampshire, United States

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond is an American-based public company. The company got founded on December 1, 1989, and the Clarus Corporation company owns it. His pistons quickly became famous for their quality, and the Chouinard Equipment Company was born. Then a former group of employees purchased the Chouinard company, and Black Diamond got founded. Additionally, in 1996, Black Diamond Equipment Europe was established in Switzerland.
Founded in: 1989
162 University Ave Palo Alto, CA, US 94301

Avery Dennison

The company was first founded in 1935 as Kum Kleen Products. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Staton Avery were the joint partners of the company. Later in 1937, the company was renamed Avery Adhesive.During the years to follow, the company’s name changed a few times before finally, in 1990, it was renamed Avery Dennison. However, Avery Dennison has the history, brand, log, and full name.”
Founded in 1990
Based in:  USA

Amer Sports

On our, number 3 is the Amer Sports. It is a Finnish sporting goods company founded in 1950.The company was established as a multi-industry company to diversify tobacco trading, ship owners, and publishing. In 1986, the company launched a sports division after acquiring a majority stake in golf supplies.Then in 1974, the Amer bought the hockey gear maker and started to launch into the sports supplies markets. Similarly, three years later, the company received a leading producer of golf clubs, racquets, and other sporting supplies, Wison Sporting Goods Company.
Founded in 1950.
Based in:Finland

Best Eye Hospital in Asia

Quirónsalud Hospital Dubai As Quirónsalud, we have over 60 years of experience in caring for people’s health and well-being.More than 150 hospitals across Germany and Spain, offering comprehensive patient care in all medical specialties, with a prestigious staff over 100,000 employees and cutting-edge technology.All Quirónsalud health centres share the company’s values of clinical excellence, cutting-edge … Read more

Best Eye Hospital In The World

Centro Médico Teknon

The Department of Ophthalmology at Teknon Medical Center (Barcelona, Spain) specializes in correction of vision problems. Doctors treat cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, retinal pathologies. The team of doctors consists of an ophthalmologist and a neurologist.The Clinic performs surgeries on the retina and vitreous body, removal of the vitreous body (vitrectomy), lens implantation, laser correction of vision.

Location:Carrer de Vilana, 12, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Medicana Atasehir Hospital

Medicana Ataşehir Hospital is one of the multispecialty hospitals of Medicana Group of Hospitals in Turkey. It comprises 12 modern clinics and employs over 3,500 medical personnel following world’s standards of treatment.Medicana Ataşehir Hospital meets quality and service standards of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Joint Commission International.

Location:Turkey, Istanbul

Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

Asklepios Hospital Barmbek is a clinic No. 1 for foreign patients according to the Medical Travel Quality Alliance, the international organization for medical tourism.The Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical center. It is a part of Asklepios Kliniken, the most significant German hospitals’ network.Asklepios Barmbek specializes in Oncology, Oncohematology, Surgery, and Pulmonology.80,000 patients from Germany and other countries worldwide receive treatment annually here.

Location:Germany, Hamburg

BGN Eye Hospital

BGN Clinic is a private medical center for eye treatment in Busan, South Korea.The Clinic specializes in vision correction, cataract and glaucoma treatment, eye retina operations. Such state-of-the-art techniques are available here: LASIK, LASEK, Smile lasers, implantable contact lens surgery (ICL).Specialists of the Clinic have already performed over 346,000 vision correction operations.BGN Clinic is popular among patients from the USA and Europe

Location:Republic of Korea, Busan”

Wiener Privatklinik

Wiener Privatklinik is a private hospital in Austria. Prof. Rainer Kotz is the Medical Director of the Clinic. Wiener Privatklinik has the connection with some Nobel Prize winners. Among them Theodor Billroth, Robert Barany, Karl Landsteiner, Konrad Lorenz, Otto Loewi, Karl Ritter von Frisch. Sigmund Freud was practicing in the Clinic
Location:Austria, Vienna

San Raffaele Hospital

Ospedale San Raffaele (San Raffaele Research Hospital) in Milan is one of the largest research hospitals in Europe. It applies ad hoc methods for rare immune system and genetic diseases treatment.Among its achievements — the world’s first stem cell therapy for patients with severe combined immune deficiency disorder (ADA-SCID).Oncology, oncohematology, neurosurgery, neurology, cardiovascular surgery, urology, and gynecology are the strongest specialities here.Surgeons of the hospital perform over 52,000 operations annually.”

Location:Italy, Milan

Asklepios Nord Clinic


Asklepios Nord is the largest multidisciplinary hospital in Hamburg. It is included in the biggest medical network in Germany — Asklepios Kliniken.Pediatrics, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery are the main specialties at Asklepios Nord.Asklepios Nord is regularly ranked among TOP hospitals in Germany for dentistry, ophthalmology, proctology.72,000 patients receive treatment in the hospital annually.”

Location:Germany, Hamburg

Memorial Ataşehir Hospital

Memorial Atasehir Hospital is a private multidisciplinary hospital in Istanbul which belongs to the large Memorial Healthcare Group. The Memorial Atasehir specialties are organ transplant (with 99.5% success rate for liver and 99% for kidney), in vitro fertilization (65% success rate), oncology, cardio- and neurosurgery.The hospital has Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate for the compliance with international treatment standards, quality, and safety. JCI is a global organization that controls the quality of medical services worldwide.
Location:Turkey, Istanbul”

EuroEyes Clinic

EuroEyes is a specialized ophthalmology clinic in Hamburg, Germany.20,000 patients with cataracts, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia are treated here every year.Doctors of the clinic apply the latest methods of laser correction — ReLEx Smile, LASIK, Femto-LASIK. These methods are minimally invasive. With the help of these techniques, ophthalmologists affect the cornea and improve vision.Over 500,000 patients have been treated in EuroEyes Medical Network.”

Location:Germany, Hamburg

Nordrhein-Westfalen Clinic Complex

The North Rhine-Westphalia Association includes 5 hospitals located not far from Düsseldorf (Germany).Doctors of the network conduct treatment in 27 specialties. The strongest are oncology, robotic surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, and gynecology.The Heart Center of the Association is the largest in Germany. It is the place where pilots of civil aviation undergo heart check-ups.Each year, more than 100,000 outpatients and 45,000 inpatients are treated in the hospitals of Association.

Location:Germany, Duisburg

Avicenna Med Medical Center

Avicenna Med is a multi-specialty medical facility based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The clinic welcomes international patients to provide healthcare services in bariatric surgery, gynecology, urology, plastic surgery. The key approach applicable — 3D laparoscopic interventions, which is a minimally invasive surgery with short recovery period.According to the clinic’s data, the clinic has 98% success rate of endoscopic procedures and 99% success rate of surgical interventions. The medical stuff provides 24/7 patients support and comfortable stay during the stay.
Location:Ukraine, Kyiv

Clinique Générale Beaulieu

Générale Beaulieu is a leading private clinic in Switzerland. The Hospital has 24 Departments and is a member of prestigious medical networks and associations. The Robotic Department is the strongest in the country.

Location:Switzerland, Geneve

Cagin Eye Hospital


Cagin Eye Hospital is the largest private hospital for eye treatment in Turkey.Doctors of the Medical Center perform laser correction of vision, strabismus and cataract surgery, treat corneal diseases and injuries.The Clinic applies the most modern ophthalmologic techniques — PRK, LASEK, LASIK, iLASIK, and corneal cross-linking (treatment of keratoconus without surgery). NASA approves the iLASIK technology for the astronauts’ treatment.380 foreign patients undergo eye treatment in Cagin Hospital annually.

Location:Turkey, Izmit

Leech Private Clinic


Leech private clinic was founded in 2005, and it is one of the most modern clinics in Austria.Leech Private Clinic offers general surgery and neural surgery consultations as well as hernia repair. They also offer plastic surgery. Some of their cosmetic procedures include facelifts, body lifts, scar removal, rhinoplasty, breast implants and wrinkle treatment. They also provide services such as orthopedics, cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, vascular medicine and gastroenterology.
Location:Austria, Graz

Manipal Hospitals

The Ophthalmology Department in Manipal Clinic (Bangalore, India) specializes in the treatment of eye pathologies.Myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, glaucoma, cataract, strabismus, dry eye syndrome are treated there.The specialists of the department perform eye correction using an excimer laser (Laser Eye Surgery Technology).Patients with cataracts are prescribed intraocular lens implantation (IOL).If the cornea is damaged, ophthalmologists at Manipal perform keratoplasty.

Location:India, Bengaluru

Laser Vision International LASIK Center

Laser Vision International LASIK Center is a private single-specialty ophthalmology clinic in Thailand. The clinic has been receiving patients for over 20 years. The medical team specializes in the treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with Wavefront and LV Signature FemtoLASIK technologies, which increase the accuracy and safety of laser eye surgery. The clinic complies with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, which confirms the high quality of services.
Location:Thailand, Bangkok

Merkez Prime Hospital

Merkez Prime is a multidisciplinary hospital based in Gebze (Turkey). The main specialties are surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics, dentistry, aesthetic medicine.The hospital has 60 departments equipped with technologies of the latest generation. There is a helipad on the base of Merkez Prime making possible to serve the most urgent and severe patients from abroad.
Location:Turkey, Gebze

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

Bangpakok Hospital Group is making sure that our patients are being care for in all aspects of health.The polyclinic has eventually moved location and was established as Bangpakok 1 Hospital, with a vision to be fully-equipped facility, and a team of expert doctors in all specialties, Dr.Bangpakok 9 International Hospital is one of the well-known medical facilities in Bangkok, Thailand. Ophthalmology, Spinal surgery, Neurosurgery are the strongest specialties. The quality of medical services and treatment is confirmed by Joint Commission International , The Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation. Patients from the United States, Canada, the UK, and other countries choose Bangpakok 9 International Hospital for healthcare.”

Location:Thailand, Bangkok

Private Eye Clinic JL

Private Ophthalmology Clinic of MD Jan Lestak specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmological diseases. It is offering a variety of procedures from cataract and laser eye surgery to vision examinations with the help of non-invasive methods

Location:Czech Republic, Prague

Chiangmai Ram Hospital

Chiangmai Ram Hospital is one of the well-known medical facilities in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Neurology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology are the strongest specialties. The quality of medical services and treatment is confirmed by Joint Commission International . Patients from the United States, Canada, the UK, and other countries choose Chiangmai Ram Hospital for healthcare.

Location:Thailand, Chiang Mai

Best Indoor Stadium In The World

The Philippine Arena

The arena is owned by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) institution of the New Era University. The construction of the structure started in August 2011 by the Korean firm Hanwha Engineering and construction was the main contractor and was completed in May 2014 at the cost of $213million. The arena has four floors, and the main ground covering 36,443.6 m2 (392,276 sq ft) and the height reach 65 m (213 ft).The arena has been featured in Discovery Channel showing it as one of the safe structures against typhoons and earthquakes in the Philippines.

Paris la défense arena

Architect Christian De Portzamparc, along with his firm 2Portzamparc, has put his name to the Paris La Défense Arena, the new indoor stadium of Racing 92, a Parisian rugby team. But rugby is not all that is on the cards: for the grand opening, a Rolling Stones concert brought 40,000 spectators to the Arena, thus testing its maximum capacity

Friends Arena

Friends Arena, otherwise known as National Renan, has a retractable roof multi-story edit just north of the Na Midtown area, which is the largest settlement in Scandinavia. It has become the national anthem of Sweden in men’s football since its inception, thus the name. The main occupiers of the organization are the Swedish Men’s National Football Group and the Allsvenskan Football Club Aik; Both have moved from their previous homes to the Risunda Arena.


The Romexpo Dome is the biggest indoor arena in Bucharest, Romania which boasts of 303,234 square meters in size and has a seating capacity of up to 40,000 people. It is primarily used for exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events. The main construction is said to be similar to the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Saitama Super Arena

Saitan Super Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Saitama City, Japan. Opening its doors in 2000, this arena has a spectator capacity of around 36,500 at maximum settings. However, the main arena capacity is only between 19,000 and 22,500. The design of Saitama Super Arena was a result of an international design competition where American architect Dan Meis won.

SC Olimpiyskiy

Its name means “Olympics Sports Complex” and it was specially built for the 1980 Summer Olympics when the quadrennial sporting event was held in Moscow. It was divided into two separated halls, hosted the basketball and boxing events and the same time. The main arena, which is used for concerts, has a seating capacity of 35,000. International superstars who held their concerts at the SC Olimpiyskiy include Beyonce, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston, to name a few.

Smart Araneta Coliseum

The Smart Araneta Coliseum (some time ago and furthermore known as Araneta Coliseum) or The Huge Vault, is an indoor multi-reason sports arena that is a piece of the Araneta City in the Cubao zone of Quezon City, Philippines. It is one of the biggest indoor arenas in Asia, and it is likewise one of the biggest clear range arches in the world. The arch estimates roughly 108.0 meters (354.3 ft) making it the biggest vault in Asia from its opening in 1960 until 2001 when it was outperformed by the Ōita Arena in Japan with an arch estimating 274.0 meters (899.0 ft).

Baku Crystal Hall

The Baku Crystal Hall was specially built in order to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 when Azerbaijan hosted the prestigious music event. According to Human Rights Watch, the government of Azerbaijan allegedly evicted dozens of families from the area in order to construct the arena.


BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL – JUNE 23: General view shot of Mineirinho Arena during UFC 147 on June 23, 2012 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (Photo by Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The Mineirinho is the biggest arena in South America and it’s located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This arena, which can hold 25,000 people, is home to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It was opened to the public in 1980 and at that time, it ranked as one of the biggest in the world.

Manchester Arena

Manchester Arena is an interior landmark in Manchester, England, in the north of the Central Wall region and mostly around the Rights Space above Manchester Victoria Station. The most important seat in any indoor setting of the Amused Domain is in the region, and with a limit of 21,000, Europe’s second-largest and one of the world’s busiest interiors, such as music and sports, for example, boxing and swimming. The main component of Manchester’s proposal for the Olympic Games in 1999 and 2000 was the long-term of the 2002 and 2002 Republic Games.

Best Football Stadium In The World

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Hear me out. Wembley appeared unbeatable, but the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium feels like the perfect blend of a number of stadiums on this list, a complete package. It has the full works, the full range of hospitality boxes and corporate suites to accommodate world events. It has a retractable pitch to reveal an artificial NFL playing surface beneath. It has spacious concourses and all the mod cons but most importantly, it boasts closeness to the pitch, a noise-reverberating roof and a Dortmund-esque stand that extends all the way from the pitch to the heavens. It is a stadium truly built for club football. Wembley is stunning, and could easily top this list, but the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has a certain compactness and intimacy with the pitch. Everything about that stadium has been designed to cater to every single person in it, with no complaints or quarrels, everyone will be satisfied
Location:London, UK


Delayed? Yes. Overbudget? Oh, boy. Worth it? Absolutely. Wembley is an unbelievable arena to soak up football at every level. The views, no matter how high or far you sit away from the pitch, are tremendous, the ease of access, the concourses, the space and the enormity of the place all roll into one outstanding package. Initial controversy over whether to incorporate a fully retractable roof or the iconic, static arch seems foolish now the 133m curve towers over the ground, supporting the northern portion of the roof. It was an iconic project that is now recognisable around the globe. Wembley feels like the home of football and is starting to create history, with the next European Championship finals to be held there despite newer stadiums being constructed all the time. In 50 years, the place may not have aged a day.
Location:London, UK

Nou Camp

Big. It’s really big. There is absolutely no excuse not to visit the Nou Camp before Lionel Messi’s career draws to a close. If you haven’t already, you should. If you already have, you should go again. The atmosphere doesn’t quite rock and roll like at other grounds, but if you’re there for the football on offer, the Nou Camp offers a stripped back magical experience. It’s due for a radical overhaul – featuring a roof and evening out of the currently lop-sided bowl – but for now, it’s the closest thing to the coliseum in Europe (barring, y’know, the actual coliseum). It’s both steep and sweeping, tall and wide. This stadium has seen things, man.
Location:Barcelona, Spain

La Bombonera

The smallest on this list, but my word does it pack a punch. One side is smaller yet vertical, the other three quarters sweep around a curve in this Buenos Aires suburb like an artist’s paintbrush. From rugged concrete blocks to wooden seats, it’s a no frills affair, and the ground literally trembles beneath once the fans begin to bounce. It’s more a living, breathing organism than a stadium.
Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina

Santiago Bernabéu

The Bernabeu feels like a tantalising blend of the old and the new. Its old-school, no frills charm remains in the perilously steep stands. It actually feels bigger than the Nou Camp in some respects because it’s built more like a traditional stadium. Picture the average Premier League ground, a relatively ordinary bowl with two tiers all the way around, fairly safe and standard… then place a duplicate directly on top. That’s the Bernabeu. It feels familiar and regular, but the size of the thing is eye-watering. A block dedicated to the
Location:Madrid, Spain

San Siro

If we’re talking about nicest stadiums, the San Siro doesn’t come close. If we’re talking about top facilities, exquisite comfort and universally friendly angles, the San Siro doesn’t come close. If we’re talking about utterly terrifying, intimidating, daunting stadiums, San Siro takes the gold. It could well be the most threatening building you’ve ever seen from the outside, the spiralling walkways aren’t practical, but they’re stunning. The iconic red roof frames aren’t pretty, they’re scary. The whole thing looks like a chunk of a spaceship crash-landed in a Milanese suburb. The toilets consist of little more than concrete holes in the ground, nets prevent flares and other such objects from being fired onto the pitch and there are barely any light to illuminate the fans during night games. As an experience for watching football though, it’s pure drama, the aura of history palpable. The San Siro is due to be torn down to rebuild a sanitised, safe new-build, so get yourself to see the ruins before they go.
Location:Milan, Italy

Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is by no means an old stadium, but the exterior design was so far ahead of its time and continues to put most new-builds to shame. The glowing spaceship is a glorious sight in full daylight or at night, with an array of colours able to dance across it. Inside, the stadium is open and airy with masses of space for fans to roam freely about the concourses, while the arena itself provides stunning angles from every seat.
Location:Munich, Germany

The Azadi Stadium

“Home to the Iran national football team, this stadium was unveiled in 1971. It has the capacity to carry approximately spectators.Furthermore, this huge complex now also houses other facilities such as a swimming pool. It now holds the tenth place among the best football stadiums in the world.”

Wanda Metropolitano

One of the most recent stadiums to be built on this list belongs to the noisy neighbours in Madrid. Atletico’s recent success has clawed them into the European elite, and now they have a stadium to boast about. The stadium is designed with fans in mind. You can find a superb view anywhere in the ground with zero restrictions, while the more enclosed roof keeps the noise bubbling away in the cauldron while still feeling light and airy.
Location:Madrid, Spain

Signal Iduna Park

This deceptively large ground boasts the finest single stand in Europe, responsible for taking the breath away from millions around the world. From the outside, Westfalenstadion is a sharp, mechanical, industrial design, fairly standard but the South Stand’s capacity for 25,000 standing fans is a sight to behold. Twenty five thousand standing behind the short side of the pitch. It’s a pulsating experience, a giant connecting chain of shoulder rubs from the guy at the very back left to the front right. If you decide to trade your personal space for a European football pilgrimage like no other, you won’t regret it.
Location:Dortmund, Germany


The record attendance for the Maracanã is less than a thousand shy of 200,000 should tell you everything you need to know about this iconic pantheon of sport. Nestled in Rio, the stadium feels like a temple in a football-mad nation. It comprises of two complete rings stacked on top of each other, a perfect circle, and while that creates a gap between fans and the pitch, the atmosphere doesn’t escape.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Old Trafford

The UK’s largest club stadium isn’t referred to as The Theatre of Dreams without just cause. The ground has undergone several transformations since its opening but has retained its fear factor throughout the decades. A huge tick in the box for most British stadiums is the proximity to the pitch. While running tracks and large divides are commonplace across the world, Old Trafford manages to be both enormous and relatively compact with the pitch.
Location:Manchester, UK

Estadio Azteca

This behemoth structure actually saw a considerable reduction in its capacity in 2016 following renovations that added additional hospitality suites and media facilities. It had previously topped 105,000 in terms of official seating capacity, but the fearsome size and name of the ground, rocking with passionate fans, has ensured the Azteca remains one of the most intimidating places to play the game.
Location:Mexico City, Mexico


his one is made part of the top ten best football stadiums in the world mainly because it is home to Liverpool FC and has an electric environment that everyone would love to experience.
Location:United Kingdom

Soccer City

First National Bank Stadium or simply FNB Stadium, also known as Soccer City and The Calabash, is a stadium located in Nasrec, bordering the Soweto area of Johannesburg, South Africa.



“Initially known as the First National Bank Stadium, the Soccer City is located in Johannesburg and was built for the 2010 World Cup.Catering to a huge capacity of 90,000, this stadium is proof that South Africa is expanding in the sport. Truly, this one deserves its mention as one of the best football stadiums in the world.”
Location:South Africa



The sole reason why Azteca “Football Stadium” has been awarded a higher position in the top ten is due to the fact that the stadium has successfully hosted two World Cups finals and is best known for them.It now holds around 100,000 spectators and also has a special place in Mexican football

De Meer Stadion

Home to one of Europe’s elite clubs, De Meer Stadion has had some of the world’s greatest footballers grace its turf. The likes of Johan Neeskens, Johnny Rep, Frank Rijkaard, Marco van Basten, Ronald Koeman and, of course, Johan Cruyff have all donned the famous red-and-white strip over the years.

Juventus Stadium

Although it’s by far the newest stadium on the list and has therefore not had the chance to secure a spot near the top, the Juventus Stadium still sits pretty high because of its incredible atmosphere and wonderful design.
Location:Turin, Italy

Celtic Park

“Celtic Park is the oldest and largest stadium in Scotland and is a must-see for any football fan.
Celtic supporters are often referred to as some of the best in world football and are true appreciators of the game. Celtic Park is often at full capacity, regardless of the game’s importance—a testiment to the wonderful ground and wonderful fans”
Location:Glasgow, Scotland

Best Cricket Stadium In The World

Narendra Modi Stadium


With a seating capacity of 1,32,000, it is one of the few stadiums to have LED lights in the stadium instead of the conventional tower floodlights. The stadium was first constructed in 1983, after which it was demolished and reconstructed completely in 2020. The roof is a PTFE membrane designed to be lightweight and separate from the seating to allow it to be earthquake-resistant


Location:Ahmedabad, India


Melbourne Cricket Ground

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 26: A general view of the large crowd during day one of the Fourth Ashes Test Match between Australia and England at Melbourne Cricket Ground on December 26, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

It was built in 1853 and has hosted a multitude of important sports events like the 1956 Summer Olympics, 2006 Commonwealth Games, and the 1992 and 2015 Cricket World Cups. The stadium provides stunning views of the city and into Yarra Park.


Location: Melbourne, Australia

Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India

Established in 1864, it is the oldest cricket stadium in India which is why it is called “the Mecca of Indian cricket”.It was named after the Eden sisters of Lord Auckland, the then governor-general of India, and the stands were named after prominent cricketers and soldiers of India.


Location:Kolkata, India

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

It is the second home venue for the Indian Premier League team Delhi Daredevils. The stadium is named after Veer Narayan Singh Binjhwar, a landlord from Sonakhan who spearheaded the 1857 war Indian independence in Chhattisgarh. It has newly updated facilities and is considered one of the best sports grounds in the country despite not having hosted an international event yet.


Location:Raipur, India

Perth Stadium

It has hosted multiple important sporting leagues as well as large-scale cultural events and concerts. Its location is adjacent to the Fremantle sea, allowing the users to enjoy not only the vista but also the breeze to fight the scorching heat. The stadium was a project that rejuvenated the waste ground of the city and converted it into a vibrant and lively park and cultural hub.


Location:Perth, Australia

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

The proof that Indians consider cricket a religion, is clearly reflected by the fact that there is a temple inside this stadium to ensure that the home team does not lose the match. The stadium was considered to be jinxed for the team due to incorrect orientations of the dressing rooms according to Vastu Dosham (Hindu architectural design outlines).


Location:Hyderabad, India

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

The stadium’s unique feature is its roof which is made of high corrosion and oxidation resistant Galvalume sheets with M.S. trusses. Furthermore, the roof holds the potential of housing solar panels to help power the stadium facilities, which will be installed soon.


Location:Kochi, India

DY Patil Stadium

Image 25_DY Patil Stadium_DY Patil

“Since its opening, the stadium has hosted multiple IPL matches and is the home to the IPL team Mumbai Indians. It has also hosted notable cultural events such as concerts. The unique feature of the stadium is that it has a cantilevered full wing roof, which ensures an unobstructed view for all. The roof is made of a fabric imported from Germany.


Location:Navi Mumbai

Adelaide Oval

It was built in 1871,The stadium has grown to become a landmark in urban design and an icon for sports architecture in Australia. The site was an existing social and cultural buzzing that has been enhanced since the stadium’s construction.


Location:Adelaide, Australia

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) is the youngest cricket stadium among the best cricket stadiums.The stadium is home of Kings XI Punjab for IPL games and the Himachal Pradesh cricket team in Ranji Trophy games. Soon after its establishment, HPCA became the center of attraction. So, later in 2009, it was again refurbished and expanded up to 23,000 seats.


Location:Dharamshala, India

Old Trafford Cricket Ground

“The stadium has been called Emirates Old Trafford since 2013 after tieing sponsorship deal with airline company Emirates.In domestic cricket, it is home to the Lancashire county cricket club. It is the second oldest Test ground in England after Oval and has a rich history in Test cricket.Likewise, Old Trafford holds the record for hosting most World Cup matches (17) and semi-finals (5).”


Location:Manchester, England

Kensington Oval

Kensington Oval, located in Barbados, is arguably the most loved and best cricket venue in the Caribbean region.The venue also has other sports facilities, but it’s mainly famous for cricketing actions. For building a new stadium, the stadium closed in 2004
Location:Barbados, West Indies

Sydney Cricket Ground

One of the famous landmarks of world cricket, the green-roofed Ladies Pavillion built in 1896, is the most notable feature of SCG. Likewise, there are two impressive mounds on the opposite side of the Brewongle stand, and original Members stand The Hill and Paddington Hill. The ground has rich cricketing moments. Sir Donald Bradman scored his then First-Class world record 452 runs in SCG. Later, Brian Lara scored a record 501 on that ground in 1994.
Location:Sydney, Australia

The Imperial Wanderers Stadium

The Imperial Wanders Stadium earned the nickname Bullring due to its bull ring style design and intimidating atmosphere for the visiting teams.The high stands occupy most of the stadium, but few small grassed areas are most popular among spectators. To replace Old Wanderers Stadium, Imperial Wanders was built in 1956 with 34,000 seating capacity.
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa

The Oval

The Oval has been home to Surrey County Cricket Club since its establishment in 1845. However, it is also ground where England’s test history all began.In 1980 it became the first England stadium to host international test cricket matches.
Location:London, England

Greenfield International Stadium

Greenfield is India’s first fully eco-friendly stadium and even features its own rainwater-harvesting facility. How amazing is that!

JSCA International Stadium

JSCA is a big ground with a typically Indian spinners wicket, so lower T20 scores around 150 can be highly competitive.The G is the biggest cricket stadium in the world based on boundary size – that means when somebody belts a six at this ground, you know it was well hit!.The square boundary is set at 86.235 metres and the straight boundary at 83.43 metres.

Rose Bowl

England’s second-oldest test ground has hosted plenty of memorable moments on the pitch including the “ball of the century” from Australia’s Shane Warne in 1993 and Jim Laker’s astonishing match figures of 19 for 90
Location:Manchester, UK

The Gabba

Normally boasting an excellent batting track, the Gabba also offers a hostile environment for the opposition—especially in the traditional Ashes opener. Recent “concrete-isation” has led to a loss of intimacy.A fortress for the Aussies, who haven’t lost a Test here since 1988, the ground hosted the first-ever tied Test in 1955 against the West Indies back and the inaugural T20 international Down Under.
Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Feroz Shah Kotla

Delhi fans have seen many ups and downs over the years. Euphoric highs such as Anil Kumble taking all 10 wickets in one innings mix with the embarrassing low of a 2009 ODI against Sri Lanka being abandoned due to a poor pitch.Something of a concrete jungle dominated by the huge Stadium End stand that looks like a multi-storey car park.
Location:Delhi, India

Best Restaurant in Asia


While firmly rooted in the framework of kaiseki, Japan’s hyper-seasonal dining tradition, Hasegawa’s menus draw inspiration from all quarters. Expect foie gras in the savoury monaka appetizers, an ant or two in the classic 20-ingredient Den salad, and all kinds of surprises in his now-signature Dentucky Fried Chicken wings.

Le Du

While Ton changes his menu every few months, he has one signature dish that’s always present: khao kluk kapi, splayed river prawn served with shrimp paste-laced brown rice risotto.

Gaggan Anand

Gaggan rose to fame for his irreverent, highly creative menus (some written only with emojis) which still feature at his new place. Classic dishes like Lick It Up – the multi-coloured Holi gulal made from vegetables dyes – have evolved, with all elements making an assault of flavour on each taste receptor of the palate. The new signature Yoghurt Explosion features homemade yoghurt, chaat masala spices and spherified black salt.


This sparkling restaurant is all about harmonious flavours, plated with deep consideration. Off-the-plate offerings are equally exceptional, with stand-out service that amplifies the experience.


Chef André Chiang wowed diners for eight years at Restaurant André in Singapore before closing it in February 2018, since when he has refocused more on his birth country, Taiwan. Since its opening in late 2014, 60-cover Raw has become one of the hottest spots in Taipei, with striking interior design and an innovative menu.

Burnt Ends

Though grill-focused cookery might bring to mind animal proteins aplenty, Burnt Ends is certainly not a one trick pony. Sure, one will find a charred flat iron and rosemary-imbued lamb, but those dishes fall into place along garlic brown butter-laced king crab, and garlic shoots dressed with gremolata.


While Vea counts 46 seats divided between a 25-seat dining counter, three four-seat low tables, and a 10-seat private room, the former is where the action is. When conceiving Vea’s design, the team decided to build semi-circular dining outlets in the counter to make bar-style dining more comfortable for larger parties.

Indian Accent

The chef’s tasting menu is a colourful procession of small bites of flavour such as pulled pork phulka taco with chutney and warm doda burfi treacle tart, while a vegetarian version features pulled jackfruit tacos and wild mushroom kulcha with truffle oil. The degustation offers the full experience, but there’s also a comprehensive à la carte option and a three-course lunch.


Lai changes the menu on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis, so it’s hard to plan your order. If it’s on, some essential picks are wild boar garganelli, bone marrow and kale risotto, and the local seafood bouillabaisse.


Expect Nordic snacks of beer-poached crustacean with trout roe topped with dill-scented sour cream as well as crispy potato roll crowned with Vendace roe, red onion rings and dill, followed by a parade of eight mains headlined by the signature ‘Grand Tradition French Toast’.

Ministry of Crab

As the name suggests, there is crab, crab and more crab. But that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of variety – diners can choose from the local lagoon crab prepared in one of four ways: chilli crab, pepper crab, garlic chilli or Sri Lankan curry crab, and there’s also freshwater prawn prepared in myriad styles and a king prawn bisque for those who fancy a twist on the usual.

Shoun RyuGin

Head chef Ryohei Hieda spent months combing the Taiwanese terroir before opening the restaurant. Today, apart from Japanese sauces, which he still brings in from Japan, he uses exclusively local ingredients, such as sweet ayu fish, amadai (tilefish), pigeon and vegetables.

Nihonryori RyuGin

fter more than 15 year in Roppongi, in 2018 Yamamoto relocated his iconic restaurant to a plot three times the size of the original, now claiming nearly 5,000 square feet in Tokyo’s modern Hibiya Midtown luxury development. Diners pick between seats in the main dining room, one of two private rooms or one semi-private room.

Born & Bred

A staggering succession of dishes – typically between 15-18 depending on what’s best that day – that highlight the myriad ways one can prepare hanwoo. A meal could commence with a series of prime, fat-marbled cuts grilled over charcoal, before moving into Korean beef pho and then a bowl of beef ramen. Whimsical plays on the de rigueur katsu sando, and even a take on a Philly cheesesteak round out the extensive meal.


Opened in 2014, Labyrinth serves neo-Singaporean cuisine that reinvents local fare for the 21st century. A meal here offers both a discovery of Singapore’s hawker flavours and a taste of the city’s terroir, with the team tapping into its little-known bounty as much as possible.

Lung King Heen

Unmissable courses include barbecued suckling pig, lamb shin with spicy fermented beans, crispy scallops with fresh pear, shrimp paste and Yunnan ham, wok-fried prawns with organic black garlic and dried chilli, and Lung King Heen roasted chicken. Be sure to book well in advance for the popular dim sum, which is available only at lunch.

Seventh Son

A meal may start with beautifully plated shrimp dumplings and barbecued pork pastries, and continue with classics such as crispy pork belly, some exquisite crab dishes and unique takes on abalone. The suckling pig is considered to be among the best in Hong Kong.

Toyo Eatery

Often using traditional cooking methods, Navarra has created tasting menus ranging from three to 11 dishes, and the restaurant also offers à la carte options. Taking inspiration from various facets of Philippine culture, the Bahay Kubo is a play on a local kid’s song that enumerates 18 different vegetables — all of which are prepared and cooked in various ways, then assembled into one dish. Toyo also created a dish called Banana Catsup, named after this surprisingly popular local condiment. Made from fermented bananas and banana vinegar, the catsup is served alongside an eggplant omelette with alternating layers of shrimp and crab meat.

Wing Lei Palace

Celebrating seasonality and the purity of flavour found in singular ingredients, the chef changes his menu at Wing Lei Palace daily. Regardless, he still counts a number of signature dishes: don’t miss the steamed blue lobster, shelled and reassembled, served atop a sauce made from egg white and 20-year-aged Shaoxing wine; and the indulgent lychee wood-roasted goose dressed with black truffles, arranged over a bed of vegetable fried rice.


Snacks including Bugak, thinly sliced vegetables or seaweed coated in glutinous rice paste then dried and deep fried, while dishes might include a porridge of blended rice and pine nuts topped with shrimp, scallop, shiitake mushroom and abalone.

Best Restaurant in The world


Noma offers three menus at different times of year, with seafood season from January to June, vegetable season during the summer and game and forest in the winter. The restaurant closes before each season so that its R&D team, led by talented head Mette Søberg, can develop new menu items from whatever the land and sea provide.


There are arguably no better chefs in the world than Kofoed at applying beauty to food. He has an intuitive ability to put together truly stunning dishes that make the most of colour, empty space and accurate volume of ingredients, creating synergy between flavour, aestheticism and a sense of flow that runs throughout the menu.

Asador Etxebarri

Basque chef Victor Arguinzoniz is famous for being able to grill virtually anything and for coaxing out incredible flavours from seemingly simple ingredients. To get more control over the cooking process, he designed Asador Etxebarri’s grills himself – the kitchen features six fully adjustable grills that can be raised and lowered on a pulley system, and he also invented several utensils, such as mesh pans. The restaurant has its own 750-degree ovens in which Arguinzoniz and his team prepare fresh coals daily from carefully chosen woods, such as holm oak for fish and vine trunks for meat.


After years of exploration, guided by Mater Iniciativa – the arm that researches Peruvian ingredients, spearheaded by the powerhouse pair and Martínez’ sister Malena – Central’s plates are groaning with incredible biodiversity. The tasting menu features the finest food that land and sea have to offer: scallops, squid and clams come fresh from the coast and the Amazon, while the Sacred Valley offers up pork belly and goat’s neck.


Disfrutar – whose name translates as ‘enjoy’ – is one of the most delicious, surprising and boundary-pushing gastronomic experiences in the world. It debuted at No.18 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2018, picking up the Highest New Entry Award, and has since climbed to No.5 – a testament to the consistently mind-blowing nature of its gastronomic offer, which has been described as ‘a thrilling rapid-fire, roller-coaster ride of a dining experience’.


Frantzén’s food is a unique hybrid of Nordic cuisine that marries classic and modern techniques inspired by local and international tradition with Asian notes. Just one menu is available at lunch and dinner and features the likes of scallop, sea urchin, cucumber, coriander and buttermilk; blue lobster, artichoke, lardo, citrus leaves oil and myoga; quail barbecued with green peas, maitake and Japanese mustard; finishing with melon sorbet, champagne and olive oil.


The fusion of Latin American and Eastern cuisines leads to an exciting and unusual menu. The 12-course ‘Nikkei Experience’ degustation is predominantly fish-focussed: dishes such as Paracas scallops with green butter beans and miso feature alongside crab dishi and tapiocas. The beef cheek is also not to be missed, served with tsukemono and a cloud of jora corn. Round off the marathon meal with the surprising and delicate medley of lucuma ice cream, topped with soy sauce and macambo foam.


Marukyo uni with prawn tartare, mussel cloud and Kristal caviar sets the unashamedly luxurious tone. While French gastronomy remains at the core of Royer’s cooking, his decade or more in Asia has rubbed off in both ingredients and influences: kampot pepper pigeon with confit leg, liver parfait and black garlic providing a delicious example. Meanwhile the long-time signature rosemary-smoked egg with smoked potato syphon and chorizo continues to wow first-time diners and regulars alike.


Pujol’s offering boasts a varied seven-course tasting menu that packs an incredible punch. While the selection changes seasonally, the signature Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo – two concentric rings of the traditional Mexican preparation, one of which is aged for 2,500 days – is a stable feature, alongside a steamy dish of baby corn with chicatana ant mayonnaise. The chef’s favourites feature on an omakase menu and include the likes of tostada with kimchi and a Kampachi taco served with avocado and seaweed.

The Chairman

While an à la carte option is on offer, it’s best to put your faith in the superb choices of head chef Kwok Keung Tung and opt for the tasting menu. Thought, precision and time are given to each dish, such as the razor clams steamed with mixed herbs and lemons aged for over 10 years. The baby squid and Szechuan pepper and the crispy pork belly sticky rice cakes are testament to Tung’s modern techniques and use of traditional Cantonese ingredients.


So many – and most of them change with the seasons. Constant points of reference include a starter of snow crab tofu covered in mizore sauce; the signature salad with ant and 20-plus vegetables; and the now-classic Dentucky Fried Chicken – probably the best chicken wings you will ever taste, complete with Japanese sticky rice, chicken ginseng soup and customised fast-food take-out carton. Underpinning everything, the culmination of every meal is the donabe-gohan, claypot-cooked rice with wagyu beef or seafood.


Unchallenged as its country’s premier dining establishment, Steirereck’s menus showcase rare breeds, unfashionable fish species, near-extinct fruit and vegetable varieties and much more in truly exquisite plates. Highlights might include veal from Pogusch cooked over charcoal and served with braised cabbage and artichokes; sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke with lamb sweetbreads or the signature char fish cooked tableside in beeswax with yellow carrot ‘pollen’ and sour cream. What’s more, pastry is a speciality, and there are more than 25 varieties of bread on offer. While the taste spectrum is international, the dishes are seasonal and deeply Austrian.

Don Julio

While Don Julio serves pretty much every part of the cow, owner Pablo Rivero recommends ordering house cuts like bife de cuadril (rump steak) and entraña (skirt steak). For a starter, opt for the yellow corn, pumpkin and cheese empanadas and a selection of the artisanal charcuterie such as chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage) and salchica parrillera (spiral sausage).


Thought-provoking. After a 20-minute drive from San Sebastian to Errenteria, enjoy your first snacks in the garden before moving into the traditional Basque country house, complete with wooden beams and walls, to sample a mind-blowing array of aromas, flavours, textures, temperatures and even sounds.

Lido 84

With one classic and one innovative and creative tasting menu, Lido 84’s dishes showcase the produce of Lake Garda and the region’s verdant pastures. Highlights include the Torta di Rose, a light-as-air cake featuring Garda lemons, and the 400-degree aubergine parmigiana. Without a doubt, the star of the show is the cacio e pepe en vessie, a dish of rigatoni pasta cooked inside a pig’s bladder with pecorino cheese and juices from the bladder, served at the table in theatrical style.


Aitor Arregui’s father Pedro used to say that to buy the best fish, you have to look the animal in the eyes and see that it still retains the brightness that means it is fresh. Today, his son and family run the most prestigious grill in the Basque Country.

A Casa do Porco

Guests can go for pork-based à la carte or bitesize plates such as pork chin sushi and pork tartar. Those who wait in line should order the Da Roça para o Centro, which represents a culinary tour through the Brazilian countryside, showcasing seasonal vegetables and fruits alongside the succulent pork. For a lighter lunch, the all-new vegetarian menu offers up a host of salads and vegetable canapés.

Piazza Duomo

A taste of Piedmont, one of the finest food and wine regions of the world, as seen through the sharply focused culinary lens of Enrico Crippa, now firmly established among Italy’s most creative chefs. Diners can choose from different tasting menus: in 2021, one pays homage to Barolo and the culinary traditions of Piedmont through modernist eyes, while another – called ‘the journey menu Crippa XXI’ – is the most personal outlet of the chef’s own creativity. Both are developed using organic and biodynamic ingredients.


Narisawa defines his food as “innovative Satoyama,” the word “Satoyama” representing a border zone between mountain foothills and flat land where people live sustainably with nature. Diners fall under the spell of the season and sample fleeting flavours from provinces around the country. Depending on the season, some might try the enigmatic ‘Bread of the Forest’, a gorgeous wreath of flowers and fruits such as pomegranate, or the delicate aori ika and matsutake – reef squid and specialty mushrooms.


With twists and surprises at every turn, having a meal at Diverxo is like stepping inside Muñoz’s limitless imagination. The 12-course tasting menu takes diners through innovative, Asian-inspired dishes such as Iberian pork dumpling filled with Spanish broth and Korean gochujang with grilled cuttlefish and yellow pepper pil-pil, or ‘Galician lobster waking up on the beaches of Goa’, which combines tandoor cooking with sushi rice and a lobster head vindaloo – and looks like a work of art on the plate.

Best Places of America to Travel

Grand Canyon

To experience some of the most inspiring views America has to offer, plan a trip to Grand Canyon National Park. The Colorado River weaves its way through the 277-mile-long canyon, making it a top destination for whitewater rafting. The Arizona park is also a superb spot to hike, offering scenic paths like the Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time in the Grand Canyon, you’re sure to feel small against its towering rock formations and expansive vistas.


A vacation at Yosemite National Park in California is all about reconnecting with nature. Spend your visit checking out famous landmarks like Half Dome and Glacier Point or hiking Cathedral Lakes, the Mist Trail and other popular paths. You’ll also want to save time to admire Yosemite’s numerous waterfalls, including towering Yosemite Falls, which is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. If you’re not one for camping, opt for a daytrip from San Francisco, Sacramento or Lake Tahoe.


America’s first national park provides more than 900 miles of hiking trails, as well as plenty of attractions to excite nature lovers, from steaming geysers to bubbling hot springs. Plus, animal fans will appreciate a visit to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center to learn about local wildlife. If you’d rather look for wild critters inside the park – which occupies parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho – spend a few hours driving through the Hayden and Lamar valleys. Both areas are considered popular havens for Yellowstone National Park’s resident bison, wolves and grizzly bears.


With idyllic beaches and verdant parks, Maui offers ample opportunities to relax. Here, you can spend your days admiring the scenery as you cruise along the Road to Hana, fly above the Hawaiian island in a helicopter or lounge across the black sands of Waianapanapa State Park. If you’d rather cool off than sunbathe, sign up for a snorkeling tour. And for an unforgettable experience, previous visitors recommend making the trek to Haleakala Observatory to catch a sunrise or sunset. Sampling Maui’s seafood is also a must, but don’t overlook other island delicacies like haupia, a creamy coconut custard

Glacier National Park

Glaciers are the main draw of this Montana national park, but its more than 700 lakes, two mountain ranges and multiple waterfalls are equally impressive. Hiking is the most popular pastime for visitors thanks to the park’s mix of easy trails like Rocky Point and challenging routes, such as Grinnell Glacier and the Highline Trail. Additionally, the area is a prime spot for canoeing and fishing in summer, and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Plus, wild animals like moose, bears and elk are frequently spotted here

New York City

Known for its diverse cultural scene, the Big Apple boasts so many things to do that it puts most of its U.S. peers to shame. Whether you choose to spend the day perusing The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibits, catching a show on Broadway or trying the city’s famous pizza, chances are you’ll never find yourself feeling bored here. When you need some respite from the city’s busy street life and soaring skyscrapers, retreat to scenic Central Park or the artsy High Line.

San Francisco

San Francisco’s culture has been influenced by diverse ethnic groups and many social movements. The best way to get a glimpse of the City by the Bay’s character is to explore its neighborhoods on foot or by cable car. From the Mission District to the Castro, you’ll find various boutiques and eateries serving nearly every kind of cuisine. Soak in city views from a picnic blanket in Mission Dolores Park, or take a quick boat ride to Alcatraz Island for a history lesson. Just be sure to come prepared for the steep hills by wearing a sturdy pair of walking shoes.

New Orleans

Few American cities are home to cultures as unique as the Big Easy’s. Offering a blend of influences from the Caribbean, Europe and other locales, New Orleans has a distinct personality. Music lovers flock here to immerse themselves in the city’s rich jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll scenes, and history buffs enjoy attractions like The National WWII Museum and the New Orleans African American Museum. Meanwhile, foodies can feast on gumbo, beignets and po’boys in between sightseeing. After filling up on tasty fare, check out Bourbon Street’s nightlife or sign up for an evening ghost tour.

Zion National Park

Awe-inspiring panoramas are available everywhere you turn in Utah’s Zion National Park. For some of the best views, hikers recommend trekking the Angels Landing trail, which is full of challenging switchbacks and thrilling heights. Other traveler favorites include the easy Pa’rus Trail and the more challenging Narrows, which takes hikers through the narrowest section of Zion Canyon. No visit would be complete without going canyoneering, which combines rappelling with swimming and hiking

Honolulu – Oahu

Oahu features a nice balance of urban and beach environments. And with pleasant weather year-round, there really is no wrong time to visit this Hawaiian paradise. Waikiki Beach promises to please, but be forewarned: There’s a good chance a barrage of tourists will greet you. For extra elbow room, head to more secluded options like Waimanalo Bay Beach Park and Kalama Park. Before leaving, carve out some time for visiting Honolulu naval sights like the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.


Nicknamed the Garden Island, Kauai relies on its immense natural beauty to stand out from other Hawaiian Islands. To drive this point home, Kauai limits the size of all of its buildings to no taller than a coconut palm so locals and travelers can enjoy excellent views from the island’s pristine beaches. Visitors will also discover lush areas like Koke’e State Park and Wailua River State Park when they venture inland. Kauai’s distance from the mainland and abundance of high-end hotels make it a pricey destination to visit, so book your flights and accommodations well in advance.

Grand Teton National Park

In Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming’s snow-topped Teton Mountains rub elbows with the Snake River, Jackson and Jenny lakes, wildflower fields, swamps and more. Trekking to scenic vistas like Inspiration Point and Phelps Lake Overlook are common ways to take in the park’s natural beauty, but if you’re looking to exert less energy, explore the region by car or boat. Don’t focus too much on the horizon, though, as moose, elk, bears and bison all call the park home and occasionally wander near visitors.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital has a lot going for it. Fill your days with visits to iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Plus, the city’s plethora of Smithsonian museums gives you plenty to do on rainy or hot days. When the weather cooperates, explore some of D.C.’s green spaces, such as the U.S. National Arboretum and Rock Creek Park. A stroll along the Georgetown waterfront is also a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. And don’t forget to check out the city’s lively restaurant and bar scene in areas like the U Street and H Street corridors.

Lake Tahoe

Known for its stunning clear water, North America’s largest alpine lake beckons to active travelers year-round. Winter draws skiers and snowboarders in droves to the slopes at Lake Tahoe’s numerous resorts, while summer is ideal for hikes, scenic drives and lake activities like kayaking and boating. There are also many area golf courses for those looking to work on their game. For an active vacation with a twist, trek one of the California and Nevada region’s beer trails or sign up for an outdoor aerial fitness class.


Thanks to its location in eastern Utah, Moab makes it easy for travelers to visit not just one, but two national parks – Arches and Canyonlands. When you’re not marveling at the parks’ otherworldly red rock formations, explore downtown Moab – which features a charming array of cafes, shops and food trucks – or sign up for a rafting trip on the Colorado River. Mountain biking, Jeep tours, and even cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are all popular to-dos while in Moab. Plus, since the town sees less than 10 inches of rainfall each year, it’s the ideal backdrop for outdoor adventure.

Bar Harbor

Considered the gateway to Acadia National Park, this town on Maine’s Mount Desert Island provides a great home base for exploring the park. Along with its cozy bed-and-breakfast accommodations, Bar Harbor also boasts delicious waterfront dining and locally owned shops showcasing unique Maine souvenirs. When you’re not trekking through the national park, join a boat tour – the waters surrounding Mount Desert Island are a popular feeding ground for whales in summer.

San Diego

San Diego appeals to many different kinds of vacationers. The city boasts a variety of activities, ranging from hiking in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve – which sits just north of the city – to surfing at Mission and Pacific beaches. Foodies won’t want to miss the city’s central Gaslamp Quarter, which features a variety of bars and restaurants serving fresh seafood, authentic Mexican cuisine, craft beer and more. Other must-dos include wandering around museum-filled Balboa Park, taking a quick ferry ride to Coronado Island and watching the sun set in La Jolla.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole’s isolated location in western Wyoming attracts outdoorsy types in droves. Bordered by Grand Teton National Park and national forests, Jackson Hole boasts an assortment of ski slopes and hiking trails, as well as areas for fly-fishing, mountain biking, paragliding and more. For a more leisurely activity during the warmer months, head to Jackson Hole’s Town Square, which offers shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants, plus Wild West-themed reenactments on select summer evenings.


The Massachusetts capital offers activities for all types of travelers. The 2 ½-mile-long Freedom Trail, which connects Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument, offers a terrific overview of the city’s rich history, while Fenway Park is a must-see attraction for baseball fans. What’s more, Boston is home to numerous pubs, food markets and shopping thoroughfares, as well as top-notch universities known for their charming architecture, picturesque green spaces and wicked smart students.


The Windy City’s architecture, cuisine and museums make this Midwestern locale an excellent option for travelers with varying interests. Be sure to stuff your face at least once, whether it be with a Chicago-style hot dog (sans ketchup), an Italian beef sandwich or a slice of deep-dish pizza. Then, snap some pictures in front of Millennium Park’s iconic “Bean” sculpture, check out the Art Institute of Chicago’s top-notch collections or go on an architecture river cruise. If you plan on visiting in winter, pack your warmest attire and head to Maggie Daley Park to go ice skating.