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Willow TV

This is indeed one of the best sites for watching cricket matches, scores and football matches online. The main features of this website include real-time scorecards update, live streaming option in a variety of screen resolutions, lite graphic user-interface, etc. That’s why users generally prefer to use Willow TV foremost among all these sites.Learn More>>


CricketWorld covers everything about cricket. Its webpage is divided into multiple sections. In the Live section, you can watch live cricket streaming reports of international cricket matches, series and tournaments. In the Live Scores section, you can check the latest match results; In the Series section, you will find sections dedicated to current, recently concluded, future and archive stories. In addition to these, you can also enter other sections to see more related content, like news, cricket betting, cricket match predictions, cricket photos, and more.Learn More>>


CricBuzz is a popular Indian cricket news site. It provides live coverage of news, articles and cricket matches, interesting ball-by-ball commentary, upcoming game schedules, as well as stats, records, and rankings of the team. Its versatility makes it one of the best sites for live cricket streaming in our list. CricBuzz also has a relevant app designed for mobile phone users, you can download and install the app from Google Play Store directly.Learn More>>


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Hostar is a well-known video site in India. With it, you can not only stream cricket live matches for free, but also watch family shows, movies, TV shows, web series and much more. For free live streaming, you need to register on Hotstar with your email ID. You have to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network because live streaming using personal data flow is only allowed for 5 minutes.Learn More>>

Live Cricket Match Today

You can find several options to watch live cricket streaming on the internet. Live Cricket Match Today is one of the most popular channels on YouTube to watch cricket online. You will get live cricket streaming free on this channel.Learn More>>


As its name implies, this is another website designed for live cricket streaming. If you want to watch HD cricket live, then this site is definitely what you need. When you enter the home page of the website, you will find that there is a visual table showing all the ongoing cricket events, as well as the relevant leagues, countries, start times, and so on. Besides cricket, you can also watch other kinds of sports, such as NFL, Moto Race F1, Golf, Darts, Snooker, etc., on this site.Learn More>>


BatManStream is an online sports streaming site for watching football, baseball, basketball, cricket, ice hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball, racing and other types of live broadcasts. It provides sports fans with a variety of high-definition live sports streaming channels and live score updates for free. To use it, you can simply click on the type of sport you like to see if there are any real-time matches in that country or region.Learn More>>

My Live Cricket

This free streaming website is another great option for users, as the site is dedicated only to cricket. All the cricket fans present around the world are using this website to stream live coverage of cricket right on their device exclusively for free. My Live Cricket website is an ideal choice for users who don’t have unlimited internet data with them. Those users can easily set up the low screen resolution quality so that they can capitalize on the limited internet data which they have with them. The overall features and graphics user-interface of this website are pretty much cool, which makes this website an awesome choice for the users.Learn More>>


“This is an awesome website for all enthusiastic cricket fans from all around the world. This website reports the live telecast coverage of both national and international matches held in different countries. All the local leagues are also covered by this website. Users have to create their free account to browse the live cricket streaming and commentary.Learn More>>


With no surprise, Reddit is considered as an ideal choice for live cricket streaming online. Users can easily set up the stream on this website to watch different sports free and unlimited. Reddit is a very big brand and that’s why there is a separate channel for the stream of every new single sport. The user-interface of this website is pretty much appealing in our opinion and you will also surely get pleased to visit the official website of Reddit.Learn More>>


This is a simple but comprehensive live cricket streaming website. After you enter its main page, you can directly see the cricket match currently in progress. You can watch cricket live directly by clicking the corresponding link. It provides multiple servers to ensure that you will not encounter any problems when watching. If you are a die-hard fan of cricket, then you won’t find a better option than this website. This website is delivering the very things it should offer, and as per our thinking, you will definitely like the work of this website.Learn More>>


It may not be a definitive stats-cruncher like ESPNcricinfo or Cricbuzz, but Cricket365 is still pretty decent at what it does – which is pure cricket analysis. And the thing we loved most about it is its clean and tidy website. So much so,Learn More>>

King Cricket

Our main memory of the Netherlands’ win over England at the 2009 T20 World Cup is that the final over was utter madness. Let’s take a look back and see whether that was really the case. (Spoiler: It absolutely was.) 2009 is a funny old time when it comes to.Learn More>>


“Pressure”, Keith Miller once told the veteran broadcaster Michael Parkinson, “is a Messerschmitt up your arse. Playing cricket is not”. Miller had seen combat as a fighter pilot in World War II. His observation should have been the last word on the subject. But the idea of pressure remains an enduring favorite of the cricket commentariat. It is used,Learn More>>


One of the newer cricket analysis websites, Cricwaves does a decent job of providing all the information you need. However, it can undoubtedly do a lot better with regards to its overall layout.Learn More>>

Despite dedicating the majority of website space to domestic and international Australian cricket, still packs a trove of information essential for cricket analysis.Learn More>>

The Cricket Blog

Doing very much what it says on the tin, The Cricket Blog is a blog about cricket. With a wide range of articles covering all forms of the game, there are also some excellent feature articles taking a closer look at aspects of the sport and providing interesting insights into the future of the game. It covers all the major cricket-playing nations, with detailed analysis of matches and series being played all over the world.Learn More>>

The State of Cricket

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The Sporting Blog

“We publish high-quality sports content and have a fast-growing sports Podcast.
Check out all topics in the menu to your ⬅, keep scrolling for our most popular sports or just pile straight into everything we have on the Blog here.
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